5 Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

In the past, many consumers when looking for a home loan would go straight to their local bank.

However, today, we live a world of opportunity in relation to lending, where the local bank isn’t necessarily the right lender for you. Today, more than half of all home loans in Australia are written by mortgage brokers, and why is this?

Because it is a structurally better way of securing finance.

The top 5 benefits of working with a broker are:

  1. Advice: Mortgage brokers are specialists in their field. They have intimate knowledge of lenders credit policies and keep up to date with changes in the market as they occur. A top broker would also have relationships with the top accountants, lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents and property investment professionals, ensuring clients have access to a whole team of professionals.
    By going directly to a bank, consumers are missing out on the wealth of knowledge that brokers bring!
  2. Access: Mortgage brokers have access to an enormous number of lenders. They have access to big banks, small banks, credit unions and specialist lenders. Each of these lenders has an extensive range of products that brokers have access to.
    By going directly to a bank, consumers are literally missing out on hundreds of other options!
  3. Time: Mortgage brokers take the hassle and stress out of securing finance. Home loans are notorious for being time consuming and at times, frustrating. A top broker has systems and process in place to ensure the heavy lifting is taken care of for the clients, thus ensuring a smoother process and faster turnaround times.
    By going directly to a bank, consumers are missing out on the opportunity to have a mortgage processional project manage the entire process!
  4. Money: By having their ears to the ground and massive negotiating power with the banks, mortgage brokers can source the most competitive deals and most suitable structures for their client’s home loans. This can only mean one thing – more money in their client’s pockets!
    By going directly to a bank, consumers are restricting their opportunity to access better deals for themselves!
  5. Value: Perhaps the biggest advantage of all – generally a mortgage broker will not charge a fee for their services! Mortgage brokers are paid a commission from lenders ensuring that the value you get from your broker is huge.
    By going directly to a bank, consumers are missing out on all the benefits that a mortgage broker can offer!


For something as important as your home loan,
it pays to have a dedicated professional on your side.


If you would like expert advice to help you navigate the maze of finance and look at your individual circumstances to find what rate is right for you, please feel free to get in touch!

Best of luck!

Sam Panetta

PS – if you want any tips on refinancing, shoot me through an email! sam.panetta@aureusfinancial.com.au

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