“We felt like we had hit an invisible ceiling in our agency and we needed to find a better way. Jackson made it so simple for us to restructure our offer, make it more profitable and sustainable and helped us add an extra $27k in 6 weeks! We couldn’t be happier”

Jason and Celia – Bonsai Digital Marketing

  • Clear Game Plan

    We helped Jason and Celia map out a simple 1 page game plan to get clear on their goals, challenges and important projects to win.

  • Program Design

    We provided a proven framework that allowed them to launch a scalable leveraged program and sell it with no track history with confidence they could deliver huge results

  • Premier Positioning

    We helped Jason and Celia get their ideal client avatar right, work out where they fit in the marketplace and how to attract their ideal clients

  • Premium Pricing

    We helped them understand their true value, the outcomes they can help their clients achieve and illustrate that value so the price wasn’t a factor in the decision compared the value they could offer.

  • Systems To Scale

    We provided Jason and Celia with proven systems across business, sales and marketing to help them grow a team and create a true lifestyle business.