“Jackson has helped me launch my first business, an outsourcing firm in the Philippines that I have now scaled to multiple 6 figures. I am on track for 7 figure this year and it’s all thanks to him!”

Petra Novakova – Koruna Assist

  • Business Strategy

    We helped Petra get crystal clear on her business growth plan and mapped out the exact steps to achieve her goals

  • Cash-Flow Control

    We setup the right cash-flow structures to help Petra manage her cash-flow and profitability and make better business growth decisions

  • Wealth Creation

    We helped Petra create a simple strategy to convert business profits into personal wealth using Profit First principles

  • Coaching & Accountability

    Petra was unsure about how to grow and scale so we helped create a clear structure with coaching and accountability to keep her on track.

  • Strategic Advice

    Petra had hit an invisible ceiling and wasn’t sure the next best step to take. With strategic advice, Petra was able to scale her business over 110% in 12 months.