Why You Need To Learn The Language Of Money

For many of us, our relationship with money is learned from the people around us; whether that be our parents, family, friends or colleagues, we very rarely learn how to manage money objectively. Whether we like it or not, our subjective experience with money leads us down very limited paths in life and very few of us have a real grasp on the fundamentals that will guide us to achieving financial freedom.

Lack of wealth education is one of the leading causes of stress, relationship breakdown and causes flow on effects which can result in chronic illness which can have a dramatic impact on our lives. But what if this didn’t have to be the case?

With a mission to give all Australians access to wealth and financial education, we aim to to help you define the destination, simplify the language of money, craft your own financial road map and work towards what you define as financial freedom. With this in mind, we are proud to announce the industries first online wealth education platform, The Wealth 101 Academy which will be launching soon to help you get on top of your finances, get clear on your vision and give you the tools you need to craft your dream life.

Below you will find access to;

Free eBooks to help you learn simple strategies to common problems that
might be getting in your

Access to our International Best Selling Book ‘Enjoy The Journey’ that is a
best seller in 8 countries

Our Wealth 101 Academy with interactive online courses that you can
complete at your own pace

Plus much more to help you on your path in pursuit of financial freedom!

About Our Courses

As one of the greatest countries in the world, it is scary the level of financial literacy
we have as a general population.


of the population aren’t confident about their ability to manage money


of people are stressed about money


are able to stick to their household budget


have a long term plan in pursuit of what they want

The scary statistic is


Actively Seek Advice, Coaching Or Mentorship In Life

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