#EnjoyTheJourney Podcast Ep 26 – Julian Van Der Waal talks about The Real Art of Hustle

In this episode of our podcast we meet with Julian Van Der Waal, CEO of Spartan Alliance and discussed about the art of real hustle.

Spartan Alliance is a complete network of in house companies and external affiliated organisations that aims to be Australia’s premier business resource. We have a winning combination of real-time, hands-on business experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian business landscape. Spartan Alliance combines complete end to end recruitment, finance and sales strategies all merticously designed to ensure the success of Small to Medium Enterprises.

If you want to know more about Spartan Alliance, click here: http://spartanalliance.com.au/

The #EnjoyTheJourney podcast by Aureus Financial’s founders Jackson and Sam aims to engage in friendly banter and great conversation to understand the critical elements that define successful people and inspire everyday people to do extraordinary things. We hope you enjoy this podcast.

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