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In a constantly evolving financial landscape, securing your family’s future requires a personalised touch. Aureus Financial, deeply rooted in Sydney’s economic circuit, has always held a penchant for understanding and catering to the diverse needs of families, making us the trusted partner in family financial planning.

Why Families Choose Aureus Financial

Every family is unique, with dreams and challenges of their own. Aureus Financial recognises this individuality, offering customised financial plans that reflect your family’s goals and values. 

From buying your first home and planning for your children’s education to ensuring a comfortable retirement, our commitment to holistic financial solutions has made us the preferred choice for numerous Sydney families.

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Financial Planning Advisory for Families: Common Questions

A family’s financial roadmap can be intricate. Balancing immediate needs while planning for the future, managing risks, and maximising opportunities require expert guidance. An Aureus Financial advisor provides that clarity, ensuring all family members thrive.

From comprehensive financial planning, investment guidance, and risk management through insurance to estate planning, Aureus crafts holistic solutions tailored to your family’s journey.

Beyond individual financial goals, an advisor focuses on collective family objectives, crafting strategies that resonate with the family’s shared vision and values.

Our deep understanding of the unique challenges and aspirations that families face, especially in the new millennium, combined with our tailored approach, positions us uniquely to navigate the financial intricacies of family life.

Start with our no-obligation chat to understand how we can align with your family’s aspirations and milestones.

Comprehensive Financial Planning for Families

Did you know that this year Sydney is ranked number 10 in the world as the most expensive city to live in? It’s no wonder many families here are struggling.

Families require a multi-dimensional financial approach, factoring in short-term needs and long-term ambitions. Aureus Financial delves into each facet of family finances, ensuring all members are considered and their goals are cohesively integrated into a robust financial plan.

The Family Unit in 2023

With societal shifts, technological advancements, and evolving work paradigms, the family unit of 2023 looks distinctly different from a decade ago. An increasing number of families today have both parents working, and the lines between professional and personal lives are getting increasingly blurred due to remote working. 

Multigenerational households are becoming more common as adult children and elderly parents reside together. Then there are the LGBTQI families and the new financial laws applying to them.

With these changes come new financial challenges and opportunities. Aureus Financial recognises these shifts and offers customised financial strategies, ensuring families are equipped to navigate the nuances of contemporary family life and that their financial needs resonate with the times.

Planning Before Having Children

The anticipation of welcoming a new member into the family is exhilarating but also demands substantial financial foresight. There’s more to consider than just immediate expenses, such as medical bills and baby essentials. 

The long-term considerations, like childcare, education, extra-curricular activities, and possibly even bigger housing or transportation needs, all come into play. 

Aureus Financial assists future parents in forecasting these expenses, advising on optimising health insurance policies, and establishing education savings plans, ensuring you’re financially prepped for this monumental life change.

Buying a Family Home

A family home in Sydney is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s a haven of memories, a cornerstone of stability, and, often, a significant financial investment. The Sydney property market, with its nuances, demands a comprehensive understanding of market cycles, neighbourhood potential, and the financing intricacies.

Aureus Financial offers invaluable insights into these aspects. From advising on the ideal time to buy and understanding interest rates to guidance on selecting suburbs with growth potential or outstanding schools, we stand by families to ensure their dream home is also a sound financial decision.

Pre-Retirement Planning

The years leading up to retirement are pivotal. They’re about ensuring you’ve saved enough, your investments are in order, and your family’s future aspirations are accounted for. As children pursue higher education or settle into their careers, and as you approach the twilight of your professional journey, financial considerations become paramount.

Aureus Financial offers guidance on consolidating debts, optimising superannuation contributions, exploring age-based tax concessions, and pivoting investment strategies to reduce risks.

We aim to ensure that as you transition into retirement, it’s with confidence and the assurance that your family’s financial needs continue to be met.

Family Protection – Insurance

Life’s unpredictability necessitates a robust safety net, especially when your loved ones depend on you. Family protection goes beyond just securing lives; it’s about ensuring the family’s lifestyle, dreams, and aspirations remain unhindered, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Aureus Financial provides a comprehensive review of insurance options suitable for families. From life and disability insurance and critical illness coverage to income protection and even insurance plans designed for home and property, we ensure that your coverage is robust and aligned with your family’s unique needs and dynamics.

Join the Aureus Financial Family

Embrace a financial partner that values family as much as you do. By joining the Aureus family, you’re not just getting an advisor; you’re gaining a partner invested in your family’s flourishing future.

Our Commitment to Education

Knowledge empowers. Aureus Financial stands firm on this belief, offering resources dedicated to helping families make informed financial decisions. From understanding the intricacies of family budgeting to planning for children’s education, our commitment to education ensures you’re always a step ahead.

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