Giving Back – The Highlights Of Our Giving Project

I was blessed to be able to visit Cebu recently to catch up with my team and a good friend Petra Nov from Koruna Assist.

With life and business being so busy we often want to give back but struggle to find the time. We made a promise to make the time in our busy lives to create meaningful change in the lives of those around us and with a tremendous effort from everyone involved, I am grateful to share this video with you.

Working with The Rise Above Foundation we were able to arrange to feed over 500 underprivileged kids, provide them with Christmas gifts and school supplies. To see the smiles, the laughter and the gratitude was one of the most powerful experiences I have experienced to date.

I urge you all to do what you can to give back and share just a fraction of the success you have amassed as what we may see as a small token can make all the difference to those around us.

I hope you enjoy this video and wishing you all a Merry Christmas <3