Scoped Services

Our scoped services aim to give you access to the financial services you need when you need them by putting you in touch with the relevant expert to guide you in pursuit of the outcomes you are chasing. Whether that be sorting out your super, getting some insurance in place, refinancing your home loan or buying an investment property, our team of strategy experts are here to help you.

How does it work?

The Scoped Services approach is typically utilised by our Do It Yourself and Wealth Coaching clients who are working their way up the Wealth Pyramid and towards the complete Wealth Hub experience.

You will get access to our key professional services including Accounting and Tax, Lending for both Personal and Business, Risk and Insurance, and Property Advice. This will ensure that you are well supported in every important financial decision you make in life. At Aureus, we refer to this as our Professional Services.

Our Business Advisory Clients