Jay Ahluwalia

Finance Strategist

Jay is an experienced mortgage broker who’s helped countless clients get into their first property or grow their investment portfolio. He takes the time to understand the unique needs of every client.

Jay understands that it’s never just about the loan. Everything he does is about the people – their joys, goals, and their dreams. It’s a massive responsibility, and an honor to be trusted with such precious things that contribute to their lives. This is what gets Jay up in the morning and continues to drive him forward with passion.

Clients come to him when they need someone that can understand complex investment strategy, risk management and investment property portfolio management. Small business clients have the confidence that their challenges and finances are being understood, and tailored solutions are structured with their goals and ambitions in mind.

Jay has a lot of experience working closely with professional accountants and financial planners to offer a seamless experience that is backed by knowledge and skill. His ability to deliver at the highest levels means clients want to work with him again and again.