Juan De Vera

Profit Coach

Juan has been an entrepreneur for almost a decade and throughout the years has developed a plethora of skills to run various businesses. Coming from Argentina, a country with a highly dynamic and unstable context for business, Juan offers to the group his strategic business vision and his resilience to adapt to any kind of scenario.

He is currently completing the final year of his MBA and has extensive experience as the CEO in his own company, as well as in advising people from all over the world with their finances and business strategy.

His ambition is to transmit this knowledge to entrepreneurs and business owners who are experiencing challenges with their companies, and who want to scale but don’t know where to start.

In his spare time Juan enjoys reading, playing tennis and golf and is an expert on the barbecue and in Monopoly. He also has a strong knowledge of Argentinian wines and owns a couple of cool restaurants in his native Argentina.

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