Meet Our Amazing Team

Take your time to meet our amazing team and learn more about us!

Jackson Millan

Director and Chief Dreamer

Sam Panetta

Director and Money Man

Nadia Haryanto

General Manager

Donabelle Boholst

Executive Assistant

Pearl Dihayco

Executive Assistant

Daphne Lozano

Executive Assistant

Ben White

Head of Finance

Sal Miceli

Senior Wealth Coach

Nicolas Saravanja

Senior Wealth Coach

Michael Shaw

National Business Development Manager

Jay Ahluwalia

Finance Strategist

Sarah Shaw

Marketing Manager

Rachael Browne

Practice Manager

Kerry Adair

Client Success Manager (Wealth)

Juan De Vera

Profit Coach

Julie Rae Logares

Finance Controller

Michael Luis Cope


Darrel Rallos

Wealth Analyst

Lisa Thomson

Client Success Manager

Reinz Mhark Canares

Lending Manager

Jane Regacho

Lending Associate

Hazel Topia

Lending Associate

Rodjim Pilapil Arriesgado

Lending Associate