Sam Panetta

Director and Money Man

Sam is super passionate about all things money. With a background in finance, Sam has worked with hundreds of clients to make more profit and create real wealth. Nowadays, Sam is empowering his team at Aureus Financial to make an even bigger impact to the lives of their clients, as they pursue their own lifestyle dreams and financial goals.

Sam brings real world investment experience to the Aureus Financial group, having begun his own investment journey at the ripe age of eighteen, and since then having accumulated a substantial investment portfolio spanning across real estate, managed funds and stakes in high performing Australian businesses.

Throughout my life, I have seen many hard working people not achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. The common theme that holds many back is not their work ethic, rather it is a misunderstanding of how money actually functions and the decisions that are made based on that flawed understanding.

If we can help people make better money decisions, we can in turn help them achieve their lifestyle dreams and financial goals. With this in mind, we have created a revolutionary financial services model that educates and empowers clients to make the best money decisions possible whilst providing each tool necessary for them to execute on their wealth strategy and achieve the life that they deserve.

We work with ambitious individuals who are serious about achieving their lifestyle dreams and their financial goals. We strongly believe that financial freedom should not be the domain of the elite few, and that everyday Australians can build the life of their dreams if they make the right money decisions.

Our clients want to run their household finances at a surplus. They want to build bigger businesses that generates them more and more profit over time. They want to create real generational wealth by building high performing property portfolios and investments in the stock market.

All the strategies that we implement with our clients must pass these three tests.
  • Simple – it must be simple and easy to understand.
  • Sustainable – it must be sustainable over the long term.
  • Scalable – it must scalable to achieve more growth over time.
With our team of experts, we tailor a solution to your unique lifestyle dreams and financial goals. Whether your ambition is to acquire your next property, accumulate an investment portfolio or build a highly profitable business, we have the crew in place to make that a reality for you.

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