Accounting & Tax

There are only two certainties in life; death and taxes. Working with our strategic partners, Charltons Chartered Accountants who have over 100 years of combined tax experience, we can help you keep the tax man at bay with the right advice. We know that your end goal is to be able to focus on enjoying your life. The choices you make now can have a huge impact on your options in the future. Our team of professionals specialize in maximising your financial affairs to ensure you are doing all the right things both personally or in your business to ensure you live the full life that you desire and deserve.

Having an excellent accountant on your team is key to achieving your financial and lifestyle goals. We have a passionate team of professionals that bring both experience and knowledge to all of your accounting needs and taxation requirements. Don’t make your financial matters more stressful than they need to be, partner with prominent team and we’ll walk the hard yards with you.

The sheer amount of talent a skilled team can bring you is phenomenal. We can assist you with a range of services from bookkeeping, lodging your tax return, keeping your finances and paperwork under control, establishing and running your self managed super fund, business strategy and much more.

Jackson Millan of Aureus Financial is a registered tax adviser with the Tax Practitioners Board (25076250) and all tax agent services are provided by Charltons Chartered Accountants (58653005). For further information please contact us.

We’ll work with you to...

Understanding and helping achieve your goals

Your typical accountant will review your numbers from last year and provide a tax return to suit. However, a strategic accountant will focus strongly on helping you reach the next level of your business or professional development, and work with you to identify what that progression is and ensure that you can achieve it.

Optimising your tax strategy

No one wants to pay more tax than they need to. By being proactive and implementing a thorough tax strategy, you will yield far greater results and with less stress than if you were being reactive and scrambling for tax savings at the end of every financial year.

Establishing and running self managed superannuation funds

Self managed super funds can take your retirement planning to the next level. When you combine your strategic advice team with a skilled team of accountants you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands and on the way to achieving both your financial and lifestyle goals.

Correctly structuring your life

Whether you are a business owner, investor or both, it definitely pays to ensure all of your financial affairs are correctly structured. This will have huge implications down the track, especially when you are seeking to maximise your tax efficiency or you are seeking to minimise risks by correctly structuring and protecting your assets.

Access to expert skills and knowledge in complex scenarios

The finance world is often complicated and it is of the utmost importance that you have a skilled and knowledgeable team on your side to avoid any unnecessary risk. There are a number of occasions when you should bring in the big guns including buying or selling a business, transferring your business to the next generation of your family, merging your business with another, introducing employees or business investors into your business, undertaking property development and much more.

Become a better business owner

As an entrepreneur and business owner, it is of the utmost importance that you understand both your personal and business goals. Once you understand what it is you are seeking to achieve, we can work together to map out a strategic business plan that will see you achieve both your personal and professional goals.

Manage your business cashflow

Cashflow is one of the most important aspects for any business owner. By combining skilled bookkeepers with technology available on the market today, not only will your business be streamlined, compliant and ready for tax time, you will also be you will be able to get real time cashflow reports along with feedback from your cashflow manager to further enhance the cashflow and profitability of the business.

Keep you on track

When you have a professional financial management team you can rest assured knowing that they will continue to work with you over the long term to ensure you achieve the targets that you have set for yourself. When you work with us you can expect to be held accountable to your own goals and ambitions.

Valuing your business

As a business owner and entrepreneur it is important to understand what factors affect the value of your business, both for better and for worse. When you have an expert financial team on your side, they will take an objective view of your enterprise value and help you focus on the factors that will increase the value of the business, whilst helping you minimise the factors that will decrease the value of your business.

Make best use of your time

When you are a business owner and entrepreneur, every minute of the day counts. There are many small and medium enterprise business owners that would benefit immensely from outsourcing many financial tasks from their business into the hands of professionals. Not only would be experts do a better job, you as the business owner will get your time back to work on high value tasks that achieve the big rewards.