Future Generation Planning

You have worked hard to achieve your wealth and as a parent, you want to ensure that you help your children with the best head start in life you can give.

Given the huge growth we have experienced in property markets, we understand many parents are concerned about how their kids will be able to afford property in the future. We help our clients plan for how they can give their kids a head start in life and ensure they can have freedom of choice when starting out in the world of wealth.

We often see parents that do not know where to start with helping their children, and once they start they are often lost as to what is next. We aim to change that by constructing and facilitating a strategy that will not only allow you to achieve your own wealth goals, but also accomplish your personal goal of helping the kids get ahead in life too.

We’ll Work With You To

Knowing how much you need

Before you help your children, we first need to ascertain how much you need to achieve your own lifestyle and financial goals. Once understood, we can begin working backwards to calculate how much this lifestyle costs and thus how much you can help your children with their own lifestyle and financial goals.

Saving for your kids schooling

You want the best for your young children and want to begin saving today to send them to great schools. We can help structure these savings in the most efficient structures as possible.

Become a better business owner

As an entrepreneur and business owner, it is of the utmost importance that you understand both your personal and business goals. Once you understand what it is you are seeking to achieve, we can work together to map out a strategic business plan that will see you achieve both your personal and professional goals.

Teaching your children your money values

This is perhaps the most important component of your wealth journey that you can gift to your children. We can help facilitate the conversation and ensure that your children are financially fluent in order to continue achieving their own financial and lifestyle goals, long after any tangible gifts have changed hands.

Minimise the expenses and taxes

When you work with a professional who understands the intricacies of future generation planning, you are able to fully utilise the correct structures in order to minimise the amount of expenses and taxes you will encounter.

Keep you on track

Keeping you on track to achieving your personal and family wealth goals is uber important and when you work with this, you will be held accountable to achieving the goals you have set out to achieve.

Helping your family

To most people the entire point of attaining wealth is so they are in the position to be able to help their family. We want to ensure that you can tick this goal of helping your family off your own lifestyle goals list.

Help your kids into their first home

We know that property is expensive, and if history is anything to go buy, property is likely to become more expensive as time goes on. There are a number of ways you can help your kids into their first property, and we intimately understand a number of strategies that you can utilise to help your kids on to the property ladder

Protect and maximise family wealth

By utilising the correct structures you can ensure that your collective family wealth is protected and maximised for the long term.

Ensure a business continues with a succession plan

If you own your own business, especially when you are in business with your children, it is uber important that your business plan includes a well thought our succession plan, and a guiding light in this scenario is imperative.