Risk & Insurance

Ensuring that your risks are well managed will provide you with the peace of mind and certainty that everything you have worked for is protected in the correct manner. There are a number of strategies that we utilise in order to not only grow your wealth, to also protect the wealth you have already created. The sleep at night factor is all important.

Life is full of risks and we need to protect what we value most in life. Our proprietary approach to risk management allows us to understand your needs and wants in the event of the unforeseen and allows us to recommend and implement strategies to give you peace of mind. We aim to ensure you can plan for the worst and hope for the best without putting your lifestyle on the line.

We encounter risks every day and we sometimes overlook the biggest risks that could have the most significant impact to our livelihood and that of those we care for most. We aim to help you clearly define what risks pose the largest threat and implement strategies to ensure you have peace of mind and certainty around your wealth plan.

We’ll work with you to...

Provide for your immediate family

We want to ensure that the risk management strategies that are implemented allow scope for your family to be provided for should a sudden adverse event affect your wealth and lifestyle plans.

Plan for any kind of incapacity

Life is unpredictable. If you should ever become mentally or physically incapacitated, a well thought out risk management strategy will ensure that the burden is not amplified through the sudden money issues that typically prevail when adverse circumstances arise.

Protect your home

You have worked hard to buy your home and it is of the utmost importance that we structure your risk management strategy in way that ensures the home is protected in all circumstances.

Minimise stress and anxiety

You are working hard to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. It is imperative that you manage all of your risks to provide that much needed sleep at night factor so you can concentrate on achieving your goals and spending your time with loved ones.

Optimise your risk management strategy

Ultimately, we want to get to the stage where we can self insure against all risks. Essentially, this means having enough cash, growth assets and passive income to ensure that both your lifestyle and your family’s lifestyle will not be compromised should a sudden adverse event affect your wealth and lifestyle plans. Until such a time as we can self insure, it is most effective to utilise risk insurances to protect us from adverse circumstances, especially when we are in the financial comfort or financial growth stages of our wealth journey.

Ease the burdens of your family

It can be difficult to plan for adverse circumstances when a loved one is involved. When preparing a risk management strategy, it is important we secure time for the family to adjust. This takes some of the burden off your family during this difficult time.

Keep you on track

When you are on your wealth journey, you want to continue pushing forward should a minor setback interfere with your progress. In order to stop a minor setback from becoming a major setback, it is important that you have the correct risk management structures in place to handle both the good times and the bad times.

Ensure your investments are protected

There are a large number of risk management strategies that can be utilised to protect your investments against any undue circumstances. Do not take the risk, protect your investment assets against loss.

Utilise wealth strategy to minimise your risks

Whilst in the earlier stages of your wealth accumulation journey it is advisable to insure against adverse risks, as you begin to accumulate wealth you can utilise this wealth to protect against risks. Once you have achieve financial freedom or financial abundance, you would have essentially protected yourself and your family against financial risks that will affect your family’s lifestyle in a negative manner. Moral of the story, get a wealth plan in place and begin executing today.

Ensure your business is protected

As a business owner and entrepreneur, there are large number of risks to your business should you not be able to perform your leadership position. Do not take the risk, protect your business against loss.