Structures and Tax Advisory

We understand that paying tax is a consequence of making money. However, we want to ensure we can work within the rules to minimize your liability where possible. This is where good strategy utilising the most efficient and effective legal structures can make a big difference to maximize the net outcome of your efforts. You want to work with a team that makes you feel confident that your business and investments are structured in the optimum manner for the best results.

We give you a level of security for your business that you will not find anywhere else, and we are here to help you with every decision surrounding business tax. It is important to remain fully tax compliant. Your needs are unique and we can help you take care of your tax. Working with us will pay dividends beyond simply minimising tax and watching budgets.

It is of the utmost importance that you establish effective tax management processes at all stages in your business. Ensuring that your business is ready to meet the tax man’s requirements is best done correctly. Looking after your financial requirements and remaining fully compliant at all times is work best carried out by the professionals.

We’ll work with you to...

Understanding and helping achieve your goals

When your long term wealth goals are taken into account, we can understand how to best structure your business and investment vehicles to ensure that you minimise your tax in a legal manner and achieve the best results for your hard work.

Establishing and running self managed superannuation funds

Self managed super funds can take your retirement planning to the next level. We understand the complexities surrounding structuring and taxation of self managed super funds and will work with you to ensure you avoid any pitfalls and achieve your wealth and retirement goals.

Optimising your tax strategy

No one wants to pay more tax than they need to. By being proactive and implementing a thorough tax strategy, you will yield far greater results and with less stress than if you were being reactive and scrambling for tax savings at the end of every financial year.

Grow your business

The growth of your business is of the utmost importance and the tax implications of commercial transactions must be seriously considered. We want to ensure that we are operating in effective tax structures whether you are preparing a business for sale, purchase, merger or demerger. We also advise of the implications of operating your business in other countries and the best structures to utilise in your unique scenario.

Correctly structuring your life

Whether you are a business owner, investor or both, it definitely pays to ensure all of your financial affairs are correctly structured. This will have huge implications down the track, especially when you are seeking to maximise your tax efficiency or you are seeking to minimise risks by correctly structuring and protecting your assets.

Provide sound commercial tax advice

You will find it is critical that you have access to the right people who are able to guide you in making astute business decisions and also warn you of potential pitfalls. We are your trusted partner and our approach is to harmonise your business aspirations with sound commercial and tax advice.

Access to expert skills and knowledge in complex scenarios

The water runs deep in the business and investment world and we want to hold your hand through all the complex scenarios life throws at you. This includes such times as buying or selling a business, transferring your business to the next generation of your family, merging your business with another, introducing employees or business investors into your business, rewarding and retaining key employees and many other complex scenarios.

Resolving disputes

With our intimate knowledge of commercial and tax law we are well positioned to assist in resolving commercial and taxation disputes including reductions in penalties and interest.

Keep you on track

When you are an entrepreneur or investor, it pays to keep one step ahead of the tax man. We assist you in setting up and introducing effective tax management processes at any step in your business or investment journey. Ensuring that you are ready to meet your compliance and taxation requirements at a moments notice is our business.

Make best use of your time

We provide many business strategy services, including payroll and employer advice, audits and assistance in developing unique business strategies. We are experts in business structuring, strategy, management, and the optimisation of your business operations whilst providing advice on how to grow and expand, all whilst taken careful consideration as to the structures we are utilising and the tax optimisation strategies we can make best use of.