Wealth Education

Undertaking wealth education and applying the lessons learned to your entire financial well being will pay dividends a hundred fold in your life. Your level of financial literacy is likely the number one determinant of how much you have achieved financially in your life and by increasing your levels of financial literacy you can be relaxed and confident that you will continue to achieve higher and higher levels of financial goals in your future.

It is very difficult to get ahead if you do not have a foundations level understanding of how money really functions. Typically, the level of financial success that some achieves is based upon the quality of the financial education they have received over the lives.

Currently, wealth education and financial literacy is not taught as part of our school curriculum. It is then highly likely that your money skills have come from either your family or your friends. Whilst well meaning, your family and friends probably do not have the level of money skills that you need to help you achieve your own financial and lifestyle goals. We have worked hard to create the Wealth 101 Academy in an effort to improve financial literacy of every individual.

We’ll Work With You To

Make better money decisions.

When you learn good money skills, you inherently begin to make better decisions with your money and thus achieve better results. Making better decisions with your money will ensure you are money financially stable and confident with money, thus improving both your financial and personal well being.

Learn at your own pace.

The Wealth 101 Academy provides you with access to online courses and books so that you can learn at your own pace and take in all the information we have to offer. We are passionate about helping people achieve their financial and lifestyle goals and are here to support you in your wealth education journey.

Understanding and achieving your goals.

Everyone has goals in life, and most of them require money to play either a small or large role in helping you achieve them. When you improve your financial literacy, you will understand what is needed for you to achieve your goals and what actions you need to undertake in order to achieve them.

Make best use of your time and energy.

When you have the wealth education to make better financial decisions, you spend less time on money matters and more time doing the things you love, and spending time with your family and friends.

Eliminate or reduce risks.

Having a good understanding of money matters will ensure that you are making the best decisions with your money. This in turn helps to eliminate the decisions that cause unnecessary risks and helps to reduce the risks you take in all other matters. This not only applies to investing, it also to applies to managing your cashflow and ensuring that your insurances are all correctly structures for maximum protection.

Helping your family.

As financial literacy and wealth education is not taught in schools, the role of teaching your kids the money skills needed to succeed will be taken up by you. It is then your responsibility to ensure the money skills and habits you are passing onto your kids will help them lead a life full of abundance, and not a life where they struggle financially.

Minimise stress and anxiety.

Money problems are commonly cited as the highest causes of stress and anxiety for many people. Improving your financial literacy provides a wide solution to this problem. Not only will you have the knowledge and skill sets to eliminate a majority of your money issues, you will also have the confidence and peace of mind to not feel stressed or anxious about the money problems that will inevitably creep up in life.

Keep you on track.

As you work towards your financial and lifestyle goals it becomes imperative that you grow at a faster pace than your goals, to ensure you are always leading the way and confident in your next step.

Improved lifestyle.

As your money skills improve you will begin to achieve more financially. In isolation, no one accumulates wealth for the sake of it. However, when wealth is utilised to improve your lifestyle you begin to understand the tangible benefits and how money can be utilised in a way that helps you achieve more of your lifestyle goals, whether that be a home for your family, regular overseas holidays and charitable giving to causes that are close to your heart.

Become a better business owner.

When you are an entrepreneur and business owner, it is imperative that you attain a certain level of financial fluency. Whilst you may be an excellent technician at your craft, in order to achieve the same excellency as an entrepreneur and business owner you must focus on increasing your financial skills to the levels required of a business person.