Some of our Happy Clients

In 2017, if you had of asked me how are you finances? My body would tense up, I would feel flushed from inner embarrassment my mind would be confused and my response was, oh you know….. messy! AND thus this is how it was reflected in my life, an organised mess. I had managed to manage the mess that I had created until I met and started working with Jackson and his team at Aureus Financial.
I had a legacy of decisions I had made from a period of my life which caused me to not deal with the world and my personal commitments and I can tell you now coming through that period of my life and having my own business I am forever grateful for the support and guidance I have received from Aureus Financial. They not only met me where I was at with compassion, the have supported me to build a structure and a framework which has brought a sense of peace and clarity to how I operate.
I was spending more energy in trying to keep a band aid on the mess rather then being responsible for the reality and NOW I am accountable and have what I need to operate at a higher level and grow my business more successfully. Having Aureus Financial in my corner gives my comfort that I have a partner to go to with all my financial questions and I am extremely confident of the future I can build with their support. Today you ask me how are your finances, I say “they are growing because I have the right structures in place”.
Marciel Audesho

I’ve been working with Jackson and the Aureus team for almost 12 months now, and I can honestly say it’s the best ‘money decision’ I have ever made. Aside from the usual goals, plans and objectives that you would expect a good advisor to cover off, the Aureus team act as genuine partners in all aspects of wealth management. If I have a question, no matter how simple, complicated or ridiculous (Bitcoin, anyone?), they always come back quickly with a measured response and valuable insights that help educate and assure me around my financial situation and future plans. Being able to rely on Jackson and Aureus to watch the changing markets, deal with banks and solicitors, provide the best advice and do it all in a relaxed and confident manner provides me with a real sense of calm. I would not hesitate to recommend Aureus to anyone.

Andrew Button

Top bloke – knows his stuff with mortgages

Bailr Amber Milne

Sam was amazing. So helpful and knowledgable. Sam and his team helped us purchase our first home. We will definitely be recommending Sam to all our family and friends. Thanks again Sam we are very grateful.

Adrienne Bridges

Sam Panetta at Aureus Financial helped my partner Pete and I to buy our first home. Pete and I had been talking about buying our first property. As being our first property for the both of us, we were both very anxious and nervous at the prospect of where and what to buy. We were uncertain of what our next step in the process was once we had made the decision to buy. So we approached Sam after being recommended through friends and family.

Sam and team have so much experience and a wealth of knowledge in finances that it made it easy for us to put our trust in knowing we had made the right decision. Sam was very honest throughout the process which gave us comfort in taking the next steps. Our main concern was having anxiety around having a mortgage and not being be able to live how we have been. Sam gave us a repertoire of skills and tools that would allow us to stay ahead and relieve the pressure. Our anxiety of buying, turned into excitement. Since then, we have been able to manage efficiently to have our own home whilst enjoying a lifestyle. We are so grateful for the support, guidance and loyalty that Sam provided.

We would definitely recommend Aureus Financial to anyone who is looking to purchase their own home. Sam always made us feel that no question was ‘small’. Thank you Sam and the Aureus Financial team, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Natalie Panetta

One of my goals in life was to get involved in the property market. I had a basic understanding about property but I needed expert advice and guidance.

There are so many so called experts out there so I was a bit unsure who to turn to for advice. Enter Sam Panetta. Sam is someone who I have known since high school. Sam simplified everything and helped me understand what was important and what was the best path to take.

There have been many benefits that have come from my time dealing with Sam. Apart from being there to answer all my questions about anything and everything, Sam has set me up with a great way to service my home loan via an offset account which has proven to be highly beneficial.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who needs expert financial advice. Sam’s professionalism, dedication and commitment to his clients will ensure that he will be there to help with any problems you may have or to help answer any of your questions clearly in a way that is easy even for the layman to understand.

Jarrod Jenkins

My partner and I were desperate to break in to the property market last year however we had little financial stability and we wanted to buy in Tasmania! Against all odds Sam found us a loan which meant we were able to achieve our goal of escaping the “rat race” and owning land. He was with us for the entire journey; no question was too silly and his support and advice was invaluable. Thanks to Sam we are now living the life we had only ever dreamed about. Thank you.

Sarah Mead

I first met Jackson when we engaged him with our personal finances and he now advises us on both the business and personal side of things. What sets Jackson apart is his proactive attitude (he is not a reactive advisor), as he continually brings ideas or makes introductions which he thinks will add value to achieve your goals. He breaks things down and puts a plan in place to make sure you head in the right direction without being overwhelmed. Highly recommended.

Chris Thomas

Through some truly bad financial decisions and spending habits, I had accumulated quite a sizeable debts. Feeling something had to be done, I sought to consolidate all the negative assets into a single manageable payments. I had approached many major banks, but due to the complexity and the size of the negative assets, I was declined of their services. It’s then when I met Sam. I visited Sam under the recommendation of the mutual acquaintance. I was rather apprehensive about being left helpless again, as it has happened with all previous banks/brokers. But, I needn’t have worried.

Sam was very professional, yet not impersonal. Almost all of the bankers/brokers I’ve met in the past only seemed to put me next to a dollar sign. I felt like I was there, not getting help, but was only being assessed on how much money I could make them. Sam calmly explained all the strategies and ways we could take to make the debt consolidation a reality. Then, calmly and assuringly guided us through the process, as if he would to a family member. We had hit some hurdles with the financial institution backflipping on us twice when the deal was nearly struck. Sam made it his business to liaise with the institution in holding them accountable for their word.

We were able to manage to consolidate all the negative assets to the equity of the house, creating a single repayment that is far more manageable than before. For the first time in a few years, I was able to generate savings and not fill the pinch every time an unforeseen financial situations arose.

I would definitely recommend Sam for those looking for any financial services. He certainly is second to none in all the financial brokers that I’ve dealt with in the past. But, it is his personal approach that makes him a cut above the rest.

Joe Lee

We have always had a goal to buy a place we will call home. Sam from the very beginning outlined the ideal way we could achieve that goal. Every step of the way through organising our finances Sam happily explained it all in a very professional manner but also in a way that made us feel comfortable about finances. Gary also helped us a lot through the process and I definitely take my hat off to him and Sam a thousand times for all the work they have done for us. This is only a start for us and we look forward to dealing with the guys at Aureus a lot more in the future.

Joe Panetta

Hi Jackson, Just wanted to thank you ? for the book man I could not put it down read it in 3 days something was telling me it was a matter of urgency I have been flailing around for the past few years wondering how I got into the mess I’m in after reading your book and a few tears I know that its was me! I believe from my late fathers faults if you fall from grace there are plenty of people to blame on the way down without blaming yourself but I know all along I have been driving the sinking ship blaming everybody else and I suppose that’s because I’m still driving it as there is no one else to drive the bus.

Accountability I have outsourced to alcohol every day I know I’m in the cycle and I needed a short circuit to shake my core your book has done that for me and I am ready to fix the mess and move forward back to positive ground. I will get on the web site and check out the steps etc and start my journey back
Thanks for taking the time to send me the book Jackson ?
Nick Fuller

Jackson is working to help Australians reverse the statistics and help them become better savers.

David Campbell

I really like your 7 categories of spender! We need more resources like this to help people get ahead.

Sonia Kruger

Really good advice, Jackson! We need more of this.

Sarah Harris

I would love to see this kind of information taught at schools! We need to learn about the economics of being a human being at a base level. Keep up the good work, Jackson!

Peter Berner

I’ve been impressed with Jackson since we first met him. He’s nurtured our family through from being in debt through to securing two investment properties and starting a business. He’s now helping me ensure my business is successful by providing advice, support and relevant contacts on everything from legal structures and protection, to accounting and bookkeeping, cash flow management, goal setting, pricing strategies, and more. Jackson keeps me accountable and keeps me driving towards my goals. Our next step is to buy a home to live in which I’m sure we will achieve over the next few years with Jackson’s guidance.

Kat & Andrew Haigh

Jackson has been amazing from the outset. I had a bad run with 3 previous advisers and I trust Jackson fully . He is reliable , loyal and transparent with his advice .

Sally Harrison

I really wanted to thank you for your awesome advice & guidance. Thanks to you we were able to make the changes we had been dreaming of for years.
You gave us the confidence we were lacking. I can’t thank you enough Jackson, we wish you nothing but the best for your future.

Jason & Erica Waterworth

Sam was great!!

He helped me with refinancing my mortgage and consolidating my debt.
I didn’t have to do a thing. All was taken care of and Sam kept me informed all the way along up to settlement day. Highly recommended to anyone. Thanks Sam.

Sue Leeds

My experience dealing with Sam was exemplary. His constant communication & great guidance made the experience fantastic. His support was and is greatly appreciated and I can’t recommend him enough. Our dreams of completing our renovation have come true and with his help, we will greatly increase the value of our property. Thanks again Sam!

Nick Lolatgis

My husband and I recently decided to refinance our mortgage and as we were complete novices in the field, we went to Sam for help. Sam explored many different options with us before finding us a much better deal than our previous lenders.. The refinancing process was a breeze with Sam (no small feat considering we added a newborn to our family at the same time!), he went above and beyond to organise everything for us and walked us through it step by step. A consummate professional, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for advice with their mortgage and finances

Natalie Bailey

Getting Sam on board to help secure our first home was the most enjoyable part of going through the purchasing process.

We had a few hiccups with the real estate agents and solicitors but every dealing with Sam was extremely professional and nothing was too hard. He kept us up to date with our mortgage approval stages and always followed up conversations to make sure everything went off without a hitch.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone undertaking a big financial step in their life, and I know I’ll be contacting him again in the near future when we are able to buy our second property.

Matt Brenchley

Sam went above and beyond to give me advice and guidance when I approached him for help to buy a property so that I could move back to Sydney and be closer to family. He provided every financial scenario possible to assist in my decision.

I came back to him time and time again and he was always available and approachable. He never once made me feel that I was relying too much on his expertise and for this I thank you immensely.

I sing your praises Sam and you are truly deserving of every success in your field.

Thank you.

Kathy Palamara

I have recently completed a mortgage application and Sam was incredibly helpful! Me and my family are very satisfied with his work, care and professionalism. His service was above any expectations and I would highly recommend him to any of my family members or my friends. Thank you Sam, you were amazing!

Luis Martinez

Thanks to Sam for helping us to change lenders. He was efficient and communicated well with us at all times throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Linda Lazenby

Absolute professional. Listens. Understands. Delivers.

Leon Jacques

Sam Panetta is nothing short of outstanding. I recently bought my first property with the help of Sam and he took me through every detail very clearly and efficiently. I did not have to do much as Sam communicated with all parties involved and make the whole experience extremely easy for me. He kept me updated via emails and phone calls every step of the way and he was always available to speak with. Sam is truly unique and if anyone is looking at buying or refinancing property he is your man. I am sure he has a wealth of other talents. Sam is also very friendly and just a great guy overall. Thank you again Sam

Lax Kr

Sam Panetta is just outstanding!

I live and work in Tokyo and through emails and phone calls Sam communicated all that was necessary to keep me calm and confident through the financial process of getting my investment property. There was no confusion at all throughout the process. He is always courteous and more than willing to field any questions.

Thanks again Sam!

Jordan Seeto

Sam undertook a massive finance job my brother and I brought to his table in early 2016 and he dealt with it with precision and incredible professionalism.

From buying our first property through to refinance, his knowledge and know-how has got us over many hurdles and made the process as smooth as it can be. And it is easy to see that he genuinely wants to make things work and for you to benefit from the outcome of the projects.

Looking forward to working with him again in the future for any purchases or refinance.

John Lee

Sam Panetta… What can I say! AMAZING! First property I bought and he made it so easy for me, was always there to thoroughly answer any questions any time of the day and always got back to me straight away, he always kept me updated in the process of purchasing my fist property. he is a very hard working committed man who I have already recommended a lot of people to and will continue to! Look forward to seeing him again for my next property!

John Falvo

Where do I start!

Sam helped me re-structure my investment loan and get a 2nd investment property. I can confidently say that I would happily recommend you to all of my family and friends, and Sam is the man who will help me build my empire! Thank you for the quick and consistent follow up! Thank you for the patient and clear explanations and making the process so easy for me! Thank you for setting a new benchmark for quality service! Thank you for going above and beyond with everything, it is really appreciated! Cant recommend Sam enough!

Faz Cyrus

Being new in the property market, I was looking for a broker who would assist me in choosing the most suitable home loan. A friend of mine referred me to Sam and I couldn’t be happier. Sam provided me with various scenarios and comparisons and broke them down to make them easily understandable. I was also provided with updates on a weekly basis so I felt I was always kept in the loop. Sam’s service and professionalism has been outstanding right from the beginning. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks mate!

Erhan Eminov

My experience with Sam was absolutely amazing! Buying my first property on my own was a daunting experience but Sam was there every step of the way. I couldn’t have found the home of my dreams without Sam’s support and guidance. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to secure a property or enhance their overall wealth.

Sam provided great service, and we would 100% recommend him to any of our friends looking at getting a mortgage or remortgaging their property.

Calum Wilson

Top bloke – knows his stuff with mortgages

Blair Amber Milne

Very professional and friendly service. Thank you Sam.

Bartek Gaik

We can’t thank Sam Panetta enough for helping us navigate through the process of purchasing our first home in Australia. We unreservedly recommend him for anyone looking for a professional and transparent service. From the get go Sam was approachable, and made us feel comfortable when talking about our financial situation. He is an excellent communicator and trustworthy, and was able to demystify the house-buying process. Having someone like Sam with you throughout the rigmarole of buying a house was a huge support to us. Buying a house is a stressful thing but we felt confident with our situation and knowing the lay of the land after obtaining Sam’s advice and guidance. He was always very calm, willing to talk and very patient. We now have a beautiful home for our family and a great deal on our mortgage. Thank you Sam so very much.

Angela D’Rozario

Jackson is an easy to approach authentic transparent wealth mentor. We have been with him for over 3 years, where he has assisted us to consolidate our debts, set financial goals and secure two investment properties. He simplified the finance language to ensure we understand what it all means. Jackson is an integral component in assisting us with purchasing our first family home whilst being financially stable. We wish we had met Jackson sooner!

Andrew Trujillo

Purchasing a home can be a daunting experience, however with Sam’s help the whole transaction was seamless. My partner primarily dealt with Sam during the lending and purchasing process- however Sam ensured I was still continuously updated and informed at every stage. Sam was extremely helpful in addressing our queries and dedicated to helping us achieve our goal- even working until late on New Year’s Eve to ensure we got the outcome we expected. We are extremely happy with our experience with Sam and can wholeheartedly recommend his services. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Ana Klisuric

Buying your first property couldn’t be easier when Sam Panetta is your broker, constantly keeps you in the loop hole, makes sure all parties come to the table and everything is going to plan.Couldn’t be more happier with the outcome and would highly recommend to anyone buying a property.

Alex Menniti

Getting Sam on board to help secure our first home was the most enjoyable part of going through the purchasing process.
We had a few hiccups with the real estate agents and solicitors but every dealing with Sam was extremely professional and nothing was too hard. He kept us up to date with our mortgage approval stages and always followed up conversations to make sure everything went off without a hitch.
I would highly recommend Sam to anyone undertaking a big financial step in their life, and I know I’ll be contacting him again in the near future when we are able to buy our second property.

Matt Brenchley

Sam has exceeded all expectations of the process. His follow up, contact, updates and execution were all impeccable. The process of buying our first house was daunting to say the least but it was made so much easier knowing that Sam was all over the information and kept us in the loop the entire time. Sam, from Laura and I, we thank you!

Adam Allcock

We have been working with Jackson Millan as our financial advisor for the last two years. I have always found Jackson to be a thoroughly professional and knowledgeable individual, who has been very patient in guiding us through the maze of financial alternatives available. Jackson takes care to understand our personal position and aspirations, and then tailors proposals that will guide us towards these goals. Jackson always operates with openness and integrity, and I would have no hesitation to recommend his services.

Tim B

Thanks to Jackson I have tied up my insurances, created a pretty solid budget tracker and have a much better overview of my spending. He has also been invaluable in the process of finding my very first and hopefully not last investment property supporting me on all the steps along the way. I also love the fact that I get the chance to chat to him once per month to review my spendings against my budget to keep me on track of my savings goals. He further introduced me to Sam, who finalised my home loan with me. I am very glad to have Jackson as my advisor and truly feel I have my finances under control and will be able to comfortably retire one day.

Nina H

We were going nowhere with our finances just getting by week to week and not saving for our future. We got in touch with Aureus Financial to see how we could better our situation and set some realistic goals.

We met with Jackson Millan and through working with him he has helped us achieve some future goals for our super ,our long term goals and targets and our children’s savings plans.

We have been motivated to not only to save but to pay down debt quicker and get our money working for us.

We would be more than happy to recommend Jackson after the work they have done with us getting both Jo and I on track for the future.

G & J Duffy

Jackson is not your typical Financial Manager. Unless your vision includes a mixture of multi patterned suits, shirts and ties. That’s not to say he is all style and no substance. That’s all there too with a wealth of knowledge and a knack for being able to relate complex fiscal arrangements in simple terms. If you like your news delivered by an accountant or a banker in monotonous tones then perhaps you should look elsewhere. If you want sound advice, structured plans and a pleasant journey to a stable financial future then Jackson is the man for the job.

S Lester

Jackson Millan has been looking after not only my personal but also business finances for over 3 years now. He always goes above and beyond and always has my best interest at heart. His extensive knowledge with investments and financial planning is unparalleled and with his guidance and advice he has helped me build my personal wealth and plan for the future.

Andy K

Working with Jackson Millan has been a good experience. He helped us correct some bad advice given to us by another financial advisor. Jackson is very pro active in his dealings with us and goes on the front foot to help you achieve your goals. I recommended my brother go see him and am happy to recommend others to become his clients.

Cam & Jen

Thank you Sam for helping me with obtaining a mortgage to buy a house! It wasn’t an easy task as I’m a sole trader, however Sam was able to get everything through for me and offered great advice along the way. I know so much more about the process which I was never able to fully comprehend before. He also informed me about opening an offset account for the loan which I wasn’t aware I could do. Cheers!

Emma Leslie

J Cook

Jackson is a diligent, informed, honest, available and trust worthy Wealth Manager. After working with him for over 12months I have piece of mind I have the appropriate insurance and the right infrastructure in place to responsibly manage my finances. I am confident he has my best interest in mind with every recommendation he proposes based on his integrity and evidenced by the success of the last 12 months. Jackson is now a Wealth Manager for my partner and I and we look forward to working with him for a long time to come.

J Cook

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