Are You A Business Owner Working To Achieve Financial Freedom?

Learn from international best selling author, award winning wealth coach and business strategist that has helped over 1,000 Australians build in excess of $1 billion in wealth.

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Are You A Business Owner Looking To Learn The Language Of Money And Define How To Craft Your Dream Life?


Do You Want To Learn The Language Of Money?


Learn Strategies To Craft Your Dream Life?


Want To Spend More Time Doing What You Love?


How To Create Your Legacy And Achieve Your Goals?

Your Goals? If You’ve Answered ‘yes’ To Any Of The Above Questions, Then Keep Reading,
This Wealth Workshop Is Definitely For You.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to business or an experienced veteran, you’re about to discover the strategies the top 1% of entrepreneurs use to define the destination, align with their purpose, understand the language of money and give them the tools they need to stick the path when crafting their dream life (while working fewer hours than you currently do).

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The Road Map To Wealth Is A Workshop Using A Proven System For Helping Business Owners Leverage Their Business Growth To Craft Their Dream Life And Achieve Financial Freedom.

The Road Map To Wealth Workshop is a half day intensive for entrepreneurs who are looking for how they can leverage their business to work towards financial freedom.  Presented by Jackson Millan – The Wealth Mentor, a multi-award-winning wealth educator, international best selling author, media personality and wealth coach who has trained and mentored professionals and business owners around the world to reach their fullest potential.

With over a decade working to revolutionize the way people work towards financial freedom, Jackson is a dynamic industry leader who combines his business experience with his skills in the field of personal achievement to ensure clients reach their goals quickly. Over the last 10 years Jackson has developed his signature program, “The Road Map To Wealth”, that allows business owners to start putting themselves first, paying themselves what they are worth, spending more time doing what they love and learning how to build wealth faster and easier than ever before.

Jackson Has Worked With Many Leading Business Owners
To Achieve Massive Results

Read some of our attendee’s success stories below

Peek Family- AutoOne

Jackson and his team have helped us get clear on our business vision and work to create our ‘means to an end’ to create a solid financial foundation. We are glad we are working with him to achieve our dream life and get our business working for us!

Andy K- Universal HT

Business hasn’t been easy but working with Jackson has helped me spend more time doing what I enjoy and not just striving to grow a bigger business for the sake of it. I now spend more time travelling and I’m on track for my goals.

Chris Thomas- Play MR

Jackson is a trusted adviser and has helped me navigate some significant decisions in my business and life and we are now on the path for our most profitable year yet! I am excited to create a lifestyle business that allows me to have the freedom to do what I love and create a business that works without me.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Through Being Part Of Our

Learn the language of money that you can use in life and business to create a life of abundance without working 80 hours a week. Learn how you can work less and earn more.

Understand what creates a ‘million dollar mindset’ and learn how the world’s greatest entrepreneurs use their business as a wealth creation machine. Understand what is getting in the way and how to overcome it.

Get access to some of the industries best business, mindset and wealth gurus who have trained some of the worlds elite to reach their fullest potential.

Create your lifestyle business plan and learn what you can do to create passive income streams which can allow you to stop hustling and start living.

Learn strategies to maximize the value of your business and how you can create more value along with always having your business ready for sale.

Understand how you can protect your business, family, assets and legacy to ensure you have peace of mind and certainty.

Get the tools you need to take action and keep forward momentum in pursuit of your goals.

Get expert insights about how you can optimize your tax, keep more money in your pocket and keep the tax man at bay

Get unlimited support from a dedicated virtual wealth coach to support you on your wealth journey.

Learn how to create killer cash-flow in your business and personal life to be able to live abundantly and enjoy the finer things in life.

Understand how to use your business to build a substantial property portfolio, buy your dream home and leave a legacy for your family.

Get insider secrets of how to use debt the right way to get significant growth in your business and personal portfolio to magnify your results.

We Are Proud That Over The Past Decade We Have Been Able To Reach Millions Around The World With Our Educational Content Having Achieved International Best Seller Status In 8 Countries Over 15 Categories.

1,000+ Clients Who Have Worked 1-On-1 With The Wealth Mentor Have Achieved Real Results Following Jackson’s Success Strategies.

Hear What Some Celebrities Have Said:

I would love to see this kind of information taught at schools! We need to learn about the
economics of being a human being at a base level. Keep up the good work, Jackson!

Peter Berner (Australian Comedian)

Really good advice, Jackson! We need more of this.

Sarah Harris (TV Presenter)

I really like your 7 categories of spender! We need more resources like this to help people get ahead

Sonia Kruger (Media Personality)

Jackson is working to help Australians reverse the statistics and help them become better savers.

David Campbell (Australian Singer)

peter sarah sonia david

Who Should Register For This FREE Workshop?

This event isn’t for everyone. Read on to find out if YOU should join

You have achieved some success in business already but you want to take things to the next level and focus on how to create your dream life.

You are sick of ‘get rich quick schemes’ that don’t provide any real or practical strategies you can implement now to achieve real results.

You have already been to some business programs or worked with a business coach and you now want to focus on how your growth in business can help you achieve financial freedom.

You are ready to learn about how you can improve your wealth and money management skills so you can do more for yourself, get more value from your professional team and have more control.

You want a structured approach that holds you accountable to taking action, getting clearn on what is getting in the way and making the most of what you have today.

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