Did You Know That 94% of Business Owners Never Sell Their Business For a Profit?

Understand the #1 reason why most business owners struggle to turn their business profits into personal wealth and the simple strategy used by the 6% who successfully convert their small businesses into financial freedom…


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Our private web class aims to give you the essential strategies you need to know that will help your business break free from the financial chains holding it back and turn business profits into personal wealth in 90 days or less.

Our Goal

We have worked with thousands of businesses and have developed a simple 7 step process that helps them get cashed up, earn more and create more wealth.

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What You Will Learn On This Training

The Mistakes 94% of Business Owners Make

9 out of 10 businesses fall into these cashflow traps without even knowing it. We help you identify these traps and what to do to remove them so you can compound your cash.

Refresh Your Profit To Wealth Operating System

Business owners are never taught how to manage money so it often disappears as quickly as it comes. Learn a simple cashflow system that will help you hold onto your hard earned and convert it systematically into compounding wealth.

The ‘Live For Today, Plan For Tomorrow’ Principle

Discover a way for you to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams all while making money work harder than it ever has before. This shift in wealth mindset has made our clients hundreds of thousands in less than 12 months.

Climbing The Wealth Pyramid

There are 5 stages to achieving financial freedom and beyond. Learn what stage you are at right now and what you can do to supercharge your path to your goals.

About Your Host

Meet Jackson Millan & Sam Panetta

Aureus Financial, founded by Jackson Millan – The Wealth Mentor and Sam Panetta, was created to help business owners overcome the statistics of failure.

With more than 4 out of 5 businesses failing in 5 years and 98% of businesses failing in 10 years, the stakes are high as an entrepreneur.

Having scaled many successful 7 figure businesses, Jackson and Sam realized that there was a formula to success in business, along with a simple 7 step system to turn business profits into personal wealth.

Jackson and Sam’s mission is to help more business owners achieve financial freedom and create inter-generational wealth that provides for future generations for decades to come.

In this training, Jackson and Sam will walk you through the exact system they use to save businesses from the brink, bring them back from the dead and turn them from cash eating monsters into profit mastery machines.


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