Discover our proven process for helping over 1,000 clients build over $1.5 billion in combined wealth

We help 6-7 figure service business owners design a financial game plan to scale their profits, improve their cash-flow and systematically turn business profit into personal wealth using our proprietary ‘Wealth Mastery Machine™’ framework.

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We help 6-7 figure service business owners and ambitious wealth accumulators focus on turning their business profits and active income into personal wealth so they can create financial freedom faster

Business and finance are a marriage made in heaven. However, making the most of your hard earned money, maximising your profits and turning your business profit into personal wealth are often dreams that are out of reach.

You have a proven business model, you deliver huge value for your clients, you are bringing in money but you’re likely suffering from what we call ‘ cash-flow creep’ – just as quickly as you make the cash, you’re costs increase and you’re no better off for all you’re hard work.

That’s where our Signature System comes in.

We have spent the last 15 years crafting an easy-to-implement system we call ‘The Wealth Mastery Machine™’ that we have used with over 1,000 clients to help them build over $1.5+ billion in combined wealth.

Our mission is to help you scale your profits, design a powerful wealth game plan supported by a simple strategy to supercharge your wealth to help you reach financial freedom faster.

We do this by helping you with the perfect combination of profit strategy, wealth coaching and finance mastery delivered by our team of experts.

Whether you need to review your business strategy to scale to 7 figures, create a winning wealth plan to turn your business profit into passive income, or secure the right finance strategy to build your property portfolio, we’ve got you sorted…

Profit Mastery

Discover how we have helped 414 business owners increase their business profit by 16% on average, all while paying themselves more and creating a more valuable asset using our ‘Lifestyle Business Scale Plan’

Wealth Mastery

Discover how we have helped over 1,000 clients build over $1.5+ billion in combined wealth and use their business profits to supercharge their personal wealth with ‘The Wealth Mastery Machine’

Finance & Property Mastery

Find out the little-known finance secrets from an award winning financier that can springboard you into your next investment property or dream home using our signature ‘Finance Strategy Framework’

Want to see how you’re tracking towards financial freedom? Complete our 40 point financial performance scorecard (average score is 18/40)

Got 5 minutes? We’ll show you how you’re tracking
and give you actionable insights to improve your trajectory!

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Success Stories

With our battle-tested strategies and expert coaching, you, too,
can reach your financial goals and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Our Capabilities

Our signature solution has been hand-crafted to give you everything you need as a business owner to scale your business, maximize your wealth and build your dream property portfolio


Business Strategy

Having scaled many multi 7 figure businesses for ourselves and worked with many of our clients to scale 7, 8 and even 9 figure businesses, we understand what you need to do in order to maximize your business success.

Profit Mastery

High growth businesses can often become cash eating monsters. Discover the proven profit maximizer framework that will help you remove cash-flow bottlenecks and increase your profits in less than 90 days.

The 4x Formula

A true lifestyle business should allow you to earn $400,000 a year in profit, work 4 days a week and 44 weeks a year along with fast-tracking your way to $4m in net worth. Discover how we can help you create a lifestyle business using our 4x Formula.


Wealth Education

Learn more about the language of money, gain a better understanding of how you can manage your finances and take control of your wealth journey

Strategic Advice

Our strategic advice service aims to help you navigate life’s complexies and ensure you optimize the outcomes to help you continue to grow and scale your wealth

Property Advice

Buying property can be one of the most significant financial decisions we will make so it pays to get the right advice. Learn about the fundamentals that influence property growth and help you find the right asset for your portfolio.

Cash-Flow Management

In the age of tap and go it is easier than ever to spend money and many of us struggle to save enough to achieve all of our goals. We have crafted a cash-flow management service that helps our clients stay on track for their financial and lifestyle goals through leveraging a world class structure and technology to support you

Structures & Tax Advisory

Get the right advice around your tax structures to help you protect your wealth and optimize your tax in order to help you scale your wealth, both personally and in business with peace of mind and certainty.

Risk & Insurance

Life is full of risks and we need to work to protect what matters most, whether that be your assets, business, family or your ability to produce an income. Gain access to our proprietary ‘Needs and Wants Analysis’ process to ensure you have peace of mind.


Business & Asset Finance

When scaling your business, getting access to funding can be a difficult task without the right advice. Our lending specialists will help you create the right funding strategy for your business, help you maximize your cash flow and achieve your business goals.

Residential Loans

Discover the proven lending strategy we have developed that has allowed our clients to acquire over $100m in property over the last 3 years. Our proprietary lending strategy ensures that you have peace of mind and certainty around your next property purchase or refinance.

Commercial Loans

Acquiring or refinancing a commercial property can often be difficult and result in losing deals or paying too much interest as a result of poor advice. Learn from our experienced lending specialists who can help you structure your finance to acquire your next commercial premises.

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