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Our blog is aimed to help educate busy business owners who want to remove cash-flow bottlenecks and turn business profits into personal wealth. We want to challenge the status quo, challenge the way you think and ensure you take the time to step back from your day to day, get clear on what you want in life and help educate you in pursuit of financial freedom. If you have any topics you would like us to cover, please get in touch with us.

Journey to financial freedom with Jackson Millan

10 simple steps towards financial freedom

Based on a recent report, millions of Australians are living paycheck to paycheck. Most of them say that the amount they earn from their job is insufficient for them to live a comfortable life. Are you living paycheck to paycheck?…
contracts in business

The Importance of Contracts in Business

Starting a business and getting it up and running can be a chaotic and stressful process, and things like contracts may slip your mind. However, small business contracts are absolutely essential and will make your business journey far more straightforward…
Insurance for business

General Insurance For Business

Insurance can be quite a controversial topic. While some business owners may feel like paying monthly premiums is a waste of their hard-earned money, insurance is an absolute necessity in ensuring that your business will be covered in the case…