About Aureus

Our mission is to revolutionize the way business owners and professionals access wealth education and provide them with a team of trusted professionals who can help them take action in pursuit of financial freedom using three key principles to guide them: keep it simple, sustainable and scalable.

We believe everyone deserves to understand the language of money and we aim to simplify your wealth journey, help you get clear on your purpose and help you take action to craft your dream life. We are ready, are you?

About the Founders

Jackson Millan

Jackson, The Wealth Mentor, is an international best selling author in 8 countries, winner of numerous national awards including adviser of the year and is known for being the founder of the ‘Values Based Advice’ system.

Sam Panetta

Sam is an award winning finance entrepreneur and has spent his career challenging the status quo in what it means to deliver exceptional outcomes to clients surrounding all things wealth, finance and investment.

We Have An Amazing Team Working For You

We believe

That everyone deserves the opportunity to work towards financial freedom.
For most this is only a dream.

We specialize in helping you turn your dreams into goals, create a clear road map towards what you want in life and keep forward momentum in pursuit of what you really want.

There is more to life than wealth, but wealth give us the freedom to choose how we spend our time and how we live our lives.

We want to give you back choice, give you back time and most of all, give you peace of mind and certainty around your future.

Aureus Financial is an innovating financial services business putting you at the centre of everything. With the access to the industries best in areas such as strategic advice, tax and accounting, property advisory and wealth creation all in one place, we are able to help you define what you want in life, create a holistic plan and take action.

We have spent the last decade honing our craft to challenge the status quo of our industry to deliver the best possible solutions to allow you to achieve real results. Over this time our founders have;