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Jackson Millan

Director and Chief Dreamer

Nadia Haryanto

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Fairhall-Dickie

Head of Wealth

Rakesh Nairn

Head of Accounting

Harvey Lynch

Head of Education

Gregory Robinson

Marketing Director

Julie Rae Logares

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Shaw

National Sales Manager

Victoria Cala

Client Success Manager (Education)

Jhona Cabrigas

Executive Assistant

Daphne Lozano

Executive Assistant

Christopher Murphy

Profit Coach

Nikka Tuquib

Profit Strategist

Jackridz Reyes

Video Editor

Daniel Pankhurst-Evans

Client Concierge

Oliver Whitton

Client Concierge
Rosie Hancox photo

Rosie Hancox

Client Concierge

Michael Durkin

Financial Adviser | Retirement & Aged Care Specialist

Kerry Adair

Wealth Team Coordinator

Nicolas Saravanja

Financial Adviser & Wealth Coach

Joanna Goward

Client Concierge

Teresa O'Leary


Michael Luis Cope

Senior Case Manager

Jac Po


Breelyn Robles

Senior Case Manager

Jyssilee Marcillano

Senior Case Manager

Alexcis Pilapil

Case Manager

Ja Batuigas

Case Manager

Areane Alejado

Client Service Coordinator

Komal Agarwal

Senior Accountant

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