“I was making heaps of cash but didn’t have confidence in my wealth and business strategy until I met Jackson. Now I can’t imagine moving forward without him”

Kody Thompson – Lightning Sites

  • 20 Year Road Map

    We helped Kody and Sarah map out their financial and lifestyle goals over 20 years and reverse-engineered it into a clear road map to help them smash their goals.

  • KPI Dashboard

    We identified the key performance indicators Kody needed to track and measure to help him remove cash-flow bottlenecks, maximize profit and build more personal wealth.

  • Wealth Creation

    We helped Kody architect a simple investment strategy to help him pay off his home in 18 months, build a property portfolio and create inter-generational wealth for his two daughters.

  • Coaching & Accountability

    Kody was looking for a trusted partner to help him make important business growth decisions. We helped Kody navigate building out his dream team so he can reduce keyperson risk.

  • Wealth Education

    Kody was frustrated that many other advisers only offered a ‘Done For You’ approach and he wanted to learn more about managing money for himself. We helped Kody improve his financial literacy across business and personal finance.