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I’m pumped to have you consider coming on board as a partner of Aureus so we can work together and help your clients achieve financial freedom.

For the past 15 years, I have been working to crack the code of wealth and finance for business owners around the world and I have found that most entrepreneurs suffer from the same financial problems;

  1. They don’t have a plan to ensure they make informed and educated financial decisions, both personally and in business
  2. They suffer from the constant cash-flow roller coaster that causes them to have a scarcity mindset around money driven by a constant fear of the unknown
  3. They aren’t rewarding themselves financially for their hard work and lack consistency in their personal wealth to set themselves up for the future

The scary statistic is that after surveying over 2,000 businesses around the world around the top 40 financial milestones that result in achieving financial success, the average score was only 18 which means the vast majority of business owners rate themselves below average financially.

Our mission is simple.

Help business owners understand the language of money and use their business as a vehicle to manufacture financial freedom for generations to come.

Over the past 6 years since launching Aureus, we have worked with over 1,500 clients to help them amass over $750 million in wealth (and close to $3 billion over the last 15 years), we have won numerous industry awards, attained over 150 x 5 star reviews and paid out over $500,000 in referral payments to our partners.



We work closely with our partners and their clients to help them map out their personal road map, reverse engineer it backwards and provide them with a clear game plan to achieve financial freedom.

Our aim is to seamlessly integrate into your existing program to improve the overall experience you have with your clients. Many of our partners see our program as an extension of the work they do and allows them to add more value to them along with retaining them longer.

How we work with client is simple;

  1. We help them review and improve their financial foundations, both personally and in business (The Financial Foundations Framework)
  2. We help them map out all of their lifestyle and financial goals for the next 20 years and architect a road map for them to achieve financial freedom (The 20 Year Road Map)
  3. We set income and profit goals and set clear KPIs for them to achieve these goals (The Cash Flow Operating System)
  4. We setup a simple visual dashboard that allows us to track and measure their progress against these goals (The Profit Dashboard)
  5. We help them implement Profit First, a proven cash flow operating system in their business that has helped our clients increase their profitability, on average by 15-20% (The Profitable Scale Plan)
  6. We educate them on their numbers, using a business performance methodology called The Cash Flow Story and help them understand their 7 business levers that allow them to improve their cash flow, profitability and maximize their business value (The Business Barometer)
  7. We provide them with a business and personal forecast for the next 12 months, helping them have a clear north star to work towards, along with tracking their progress and performance along the way (The Business Forecast)
  8. We help them design their own unique investment philosophy and provide them with a repeatable system to turn business profit into personal wealth (The Wealth Mastery Machine)
  9. We provide them with coaching, mentorship and support as they navigate through financial complexities such as pricing, tax planning, cash flow management, investing, debt reduction and asset protection

Here’s what some of our clients
have had to say about it;

How we work together

Our partnership is simple;

Step 1. We provide you with a comprehensive financial foundations module to add into your existing program or promote to your list.

This program is designed to get your clients quick financial wins, get them excited about their numbers and make you look amazing. We provide easy-to-implement training around money mindset, cash flow bottlenecks, maximizing profitability, KPIs and what to track, investing and debt management.

Each module is facilitated by short, engaging videos and practical activities for your clients to implement and provides them with a repeatable framework they can continue to use for years to come.

Step 2. We arrange a time to present to your tribe on a regular basis (typically every 8-10 weeks) which is facilitated as a mastermind/ Q&A style call for us to help them navigate the training, assist them to implement and provide ongoing support.

Step 3. We provide an opportunity for them to work with us in a higher capacity when they’re ready.



We have developed a self-paced financial foundations program that gives them access to all of our education and a weekly Q&A call. We call this Money Membership. This is great for those who prefer to do it themselves or want a cost-effective solution before they work with us in a higher capacity.

This program is $97 a week or $3,997 for 12 months and all of the upgrades we do to the program every few months.

Our flagship program is called Accelerate which provides our clients with the tools they need to maximise their profit and wealth. The program is $350 per week with access to our quarterly summits and 1 on 1 profit coaching. There is a minimum commitment of 12 months, however our clients work with us on average of 4 years.

We also offer a variety of Done For You Services such as tax and accounting, bookkeeping, private wealth advisory, bespoke investment advice, portfolio construction, wealth management, mortgage broking and lending, commercial finance, asset finance, just to name a few.

Our mission is to position ourselves as a financial extension to your business and current offering to help you add more value, get more wins for your clients and get them to their goals faster.

How much do you pay to affiliate partners?

Our affiliate partners receive between 10-20% commission for referrals they make to us based on the volume of referrals.

10% commission for 1-5 clients per month

15% commission for 6-10 clients per month

20% commission for 11+ clients per month

We will pay the commission retrospectively on all clients for that month. For example, if you referred 15 clients for the month that totalled $15,000 in revenue, you would receive $3,000 per month for the next 12 months.

If your clients pay annually in advance, we will pay the full commission upfront.

Do you provide any guarantees?

We guarantee that if the client does the work, they get the results. On average, our clients achieve a 4x ROI from working with us.

Some of our results are as follows;

  1. Jason and Celia made $27,000 in 6 weeks working with us following our The Profitable Scale Plan framework
  2. Sio, Andy and Renee made $21,000 in the first week implementing The Cash Flow Operating System
  3. Josh Buss grew his recurring revenue by 20% implementing the Wealth Mastery Machine
  4. Petra scaled to $300k+ a month following our 20 Year Road Map
  5. Kody bought his dream home using The Financial Foundations Framework
  6. Ben tripled his business to $3m using The Profitable Scale Plan



We work with our clients for at least 12 months broken into 4 stages;

  1. Kick Off – We work to establish a financial foundation and understand their goals and current position as a baseline (6 weeks)
  2. Damage Control – We identify the cash flow bottlenecks and areas to be improved to ensure the business model is sustainable and scalable (6 weeks)
  3. Optimize – We define the key impact drivers that result in the biggest growth for cash flow, profit and wealth along with an action plan (3 months)
  4. Scale – We continue to double down on the highest impact areas and scale up the strategies that are working best (6 months)



Our affiliate program is simple;

  1. We arrange a webinar for your community with an expectation of having at least 30 attendees
  2. We provide you with all of the marketing and promotional tools including a 40 point business scorecard, email templates, social media posts, and worksheets
  3. We will provide 20 copies of our best selling book to be sent to your top level clients
  4. We arrange the session with your community and deliver exceptional value
  5. Our creative team chops up the content for you to add to your portal for an additional value add
  6. We provide our Financial Foundations Framework to install into your program and use as a sales tool to promote your existing program
  7. We arrange a monthly webinar for your community to provide additional support and guidance
  8. Any referrals we receive, we will pay you commissions within 7 days of signing them on as clients
  9. As part of the work we do with our mutual clients, we will ensure that both of our ongoing costs are factored into the clients financial plan to reduce the future churn risk (our attrition rate is less than 2%)


We have created a simple framework that ensures we can make life easy for you which we run in 8 week cycles;

Week 1 Finalize our JV agreement We will send you our agreement detailing how we work together, how you are remunerated and a plan for the next 12 months
Week 2 Set future date for webinar
We will confirm a date that fits into your training schedule for our partner webinar, ideally within the next 2-3 weeks.
Week 3 Free book promotion into webinar registration We will provide you with promotional materials including a free copy of my book and ways to fill the webinar
Week 4 Send out 40 point business scorecard Leading up to the webinar, we get attendees to complete a 40 point scorecard to identify areas they need help with their finances
Week 5 Host webinar We run the webinar for 90 minutes to your community. We will then take the recording and provide you with content you can use for your portal
Week 6 Collate feedback and testimonials We conduct a survey for attendees to gain feedback and testimonials you can use in your program and sales process
Week 7 Announce install of our Foundations program for your VIP members We announce the implementation of our foundations program in your community as an additional value add along with a monthly coaching call
Week 8 Arrange monthly coaching calls We arrange a monthly session with your VIPs to support them through the foundations program and provide additional support

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