Rakesh Nairn

Head of Accounting

Embarking on a 15-year expedition through the multifaceted universe of Australian Taxation and business advisory, Rakesh has curated a robust expertise that encompasses a spectrum as wide as it is deep. His voyage commenced with the granular precision of individual tax returns and gradually blossomed into a specialized focus on fostering business growth and optimizing profits for owners across various industries. From the nuanced realms of professional services, agriculture, building, and construction, to the dynamic world of e-commerce, his journey has seamlessly sailed through varied firm sizes, from mid-tier conglomerates to tailored boutique practices.

Augmenting this experience, his part-time CFO services have enriched various clients with strategic, holistic financial stewardship over the years.

When the numbers have been crunched and strategies devised, his solace is found in the gentle embrace of the outdoors, the enlightening worlds within books, and the vibrant dialogues found in podcasts. Whether engaging in sport – be it ball-related or combat – or savouring the myriad flavours of diverse cuisines, he finds joy in activity, culinary adventures, and the cherished company of his family and friends.

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