AUREUS Wealth Advisers Participation Agreement

  1. This Agreement is between You (Your) and Aureus Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd ACN 622 501 455 (Us, We or Our) and relates to Your participation in Our program known as “Aureus Wealth Advisers”(Aureus Wealth Program).
  2. As a member of the Aureus Wealth Program, You acknowledge and agree that this Participation Agreement forms a binding contractual agreement between the parties. You further acknowledge that You understand that any information, techniques, skills and concepts shared by trainers and speakers and all audio and video recordings, on-line training videos, information, manuals, checklists, documents, websites and other materials (Program Materials) are limited to business coaching and strategy information, are not to be relied upon as any type or form of professional, financial or other advice.
  3. You acknowledge and understand that the Aureus Wealth Program is an educational program and course academy that provides educational services, including multimedia education, focused on wealth coaching strategy.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that at times within the Aureus Wealth Program, We may involve and/or engage agents, contractors or other entities (“Other Educators”), which may include, but is not limited to, Aureus Education Pty Ltd, to provide financial education. You acknowledge and agree that all and any financial education provided of whatsoever nature (including, but not limited to, advice provided as part of strategy sessions and financial reviews), is provided by Other Educators for education purposes only. The reliability and accuracy of that advice/education must not be relied upon by You and does not take into account your individual and personal circumstances.
  5. In the event that You wish to obtain and rely upon financial and/or personal advice, a separate retainer and new and distinct relationship must be entered into by You with the advisor/s of your choosing for the purpose of that advice. Any advice sought and strategies implemented shall be at your own risk. Any Other Educators, which may include Aureus Education Program (if you so elect), may offer to provide you with independent professional relationships, which may include, personal financial advice. You acknowledge that any such relationship is to be pursued at your own discretion under a separate and distinct retainer and this relationship is separate and independent of your involvement with Us and the Aureus Wealth Program.
  6. You acknowledge and agree that You indemnify and hold harmless Us, Aureus Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd and all of their contractors and employees, together with any presenters engaged by Aureus Education Program, against any claim which may be made or threatened for any loss or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with any advice or information provided. You further indemnify Us, Aureus Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd and all of their contractors, employees and presenters against any claims which may be made or threatened arising directly or indirectly from or in respect of any activity that constitutes or may constitute provision of a financial service under Part 7.1 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or any other activity that constitutes a referral under Corporations Regulation 2007 7.6.01(1)(B).
  7. During sessions, some speakers may choose to share with You private information that they do not consent to being published or in any way reproduced outside the Aureus Wealth Program environment. You acknowledge and agree that such information will not be repeated, published or reproduced in any form whatsoever.
  8. Recording equipment of any kind is not, under any circumstances, permitted during Aureus Wealth Program events. Any official recordings once edited will be uploaded and made accessible via the website.
  9. Aureus Wealth Program, the Program Materials, and usernames and passwords provided to You are strictly confidential and must not be given to or shared with any other person. As an exception however You may share relevant information with Your staff for the purposes of them implementing the ideas shared into Your business.
  10. You acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in respect of Aureus Wealth Program material, documentation and Program Materials vest in Aureus Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd, or any related corporate entity. No part of the Program Materials may be copied, modified, licensed, published, transmitted, distributed, uploaded, broadcast, sold or otherwise transferred without Our prior consent, which may be refused at Our absolute discretion.
  11. Aureus Wealth Program is a 52-week program. Payments must be made weekly in advance. There are no cancellations, hold-periods or refunds during this time. Once the payment is made, by or on behalf of you, in respect of the 52-week program, You acknowledge and agree that the contract with Us may not be cancelled and any payments made or owing are non-refundable. A valid payment method, such as credit card or bank details, is required for payment to be processed. Should Your card provided in respect of payments expire, You will be required to supply new credit card details or updated bank details to ensure payments can continue through to the end of the agreed payment period. We reserve the right to suspend Your access to the program until Your payments are up to date. In the event of early termination of membership by You during the 52-week period, the weekly fees applicable for the entire 52-week period will be payable in full.
  12. After Your first 52 weeks, You will be offered an Ongoing Service Agreement to continue working with us for the following 52 week period at each anniversary every 52 weeks.
  13. After Your first 52 weeks of membership, You may cancel Your membership. Your login details will be suspended upon termination and at the end of Your payment cycle. We can cancel Your membership if You are in breach of this Agreement.
  14. All expenses in respect of any conferences, such as flights, accommodation, meals, drinks and all other expenses are the responsibility of the member.
  15. You understand that We will be taking photos and filming all live events. This footage may then be used for the creation of physical DVD products or turned into online videos. You give permission for this to occur.
  16. We disclose and you acknowledge that We may, from time to time receive a referral and/or project management fees from third party agents in respect of any introduction.
  17. You understand that We will be taking photos and filming all live events. This footage may then be used for the creation of physical DVD products or turned into online videos. You give permission for this to occur.
  18. We reserve the right to vary this Agreement as reasonably required.
  19. This Agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.
  20. By becoming a member of the Aureus Wealth Program, You agree to the above points of the Agreement and will be legally bound in respect of the terms of the Agreement. Should You have any questions, please contact Us via phone or email.
  21. By entering into this Agreement, You acknowledge that You have freely and voluntarily relied upon Your own personal decisions and choices and that You have not been unduly influenced by any warranty or representation made by Us.
  22. You acknowledge that the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement comprise the entire agreement between You and Us and such terms and conditions will override all previous agreements in respect of the subject matter of this Agreement. You further acknowledge that other than the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, there are no representations, warranties or agreements (express or implied) upon which You have relied.
  23. You acknowledge and agree that by entering into this Agreement, You authorise and consent to Us sharing Your personal details and information to Our affiliated corporate entities if We deem it so necessary in order for You to be serviced by one of Our separate but affiliated Companies. Our affiliated Companies are Aureus Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd, Aureus Finance Pty Ltd, Aureus Tax and Accounting Pty Ltd, Aureus Property Research Pty Ltd, Aureus Education Pty Ltd and includes any other affiliated corporate entity created in the future.

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