2022 Is The Year Of Change

2022 is a year of big change. 


As many of you know, I have been working hard to grow and scale my business. From starting Aureus 4 years ago with my business partner Sam in his mother in law’s spare bedroom to scaling a multi 7 figure business with over 800 clients and 30 staff, I’ve always tried to push myself to grow.


Over the last 12 months I have been transitioning myself out of our financial advice business, Aureus Wealth Advisers and handing over the reigns to my two amazing Wealth Coaches Sal and Adrian. It has been a privilege to watch them both grow and thrive as advisers and serve our clients to achieving some amazing results whilst removing myself from my technician role.


As some of you may know, to provide formal financial advice you must be registered and authorised by ASIC. As an authorised adviser, I have personally helped thousands of clients build over $1.5 billion in combined wealth and enjoyed every single moment of it. 


However, 2022 marks a year of huge growth and that requires me to make some more changes. To create space for this change I need to resign my registration as a financial adviser and step into my new role as Chief Dreamer of Aureus. 


As such, It is the year I have decided to de-register as a financial adviser with ASIC and commit fully to looking into the future and building a global business focused on being a world leader in financial education.


This has been a long time coming and like many things we’ve done for over a decade, we tend to hold onto them as a security blanket. The truth is, not much will change for our clients or our business.


Our clients will continue to receive world class advice from our Wealth Coaches

I will continue to develop financial education to improve financial literacy around the world

I will focus on scaling our group to serve more clients to create financial freedom and mentor our advisers to lead the way in the advice industry


I wanted to thank my friend Arthur Kallos and his team at Spark FG for his help and support over the last few years and for his continued support of our advisers as we navigate the ongoing regulatory changes in the advice space. I appreciate your help as I have been transitioning into my new role and I look forward to what we can all achieve in 2022 and beyond.


For anyone wanting to get financial advice this year, feel free to reach out and I can connect you with my team of superstar advisers who can help you kick some goals