#EnjoyTheJourney Podcast Ep5 – Chris McHardy of StoryDriven on Mastering The Art of Story Telling

Welcome to our fifth podcast where we interview Chris McHardy the founder of StoryDriven, an agency that specializes in the art of storytelling for brands wanting to convey their powerful message to their audience using video. In this podcast we discuss;

* How to tell a powerful story
* What makes for a good video
* The journey of life and living on purpose
* Having a mindset of abundance and trying to find balance
* The moral dilemma of working with non-ideal clients

The #EnjoyTheJourney podcast by Aureus Financial’s founders Jackson and Sam aims to engage in friendly banter and great conversation to understand the critical elements that define successful people and inspire everyday people to do extraordinary things. We hope you enjoy this podcast.

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